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The Maremma Natural Park

The Park is a strip of uncontaminated land made up of pine forests, patches, marshes, bobbins, reed beds and junks in which numerous species of wild animals overwinter and nest. A unique ecosystem where Maremma horses and cows in the wild still graze, caring for tireless herdsmen who perpetuate the ancient traditions of workhorses and cattle care: the “butteri”, keepers of these secret places, legendary figures symbol of a centuries-old struggle for survival.

Marina di Alberese beach

A long beach of fine sand with a unique charm - which stretches from Bocca d’Ombrone to Scoglietto - from which it is possible to admire the Monte Argentario, the Isola del Giglio and the Monti dell'Uccellina. The beach is strewn with twisted trunks transported by the currents, which here untidily arrive to compose an unreal forest that the man skilfully transforms to make them improvised shelters.

The Park offers the possibility of hiking, horseback riding, cycling, canoeing. For information about itineraries contact Centro Visite di Alberese at: +39 0564 407098 +39 0564 407098

Tour in Maremma

From our facility, immersed in the greenery of a countryside that offers the opportunity to enjoy the slow passing of the days in complete tranquility, you can easily reach the most interesting historical and landscape destinations of the Maremma.